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Injection Molding Drives


Vertriebskontakte Service

The POSIRACK line of rack-and-pinion drives has been built by PIV Drives since 15 years for the mold locking in many electrical injection molding machines. These drives with highest accelerating and decelerating torques are quiet running spur gearboxes featuring a compact construction with an integrated motor. POSIRACK is a quiet running helical gear drive combined with spur gears and a dou-ble-toothed rack. Case hardened and profile-correction ground gears and rack ensure that high acceleration and brake torques will be safely transmitted. Performance opimized gear tooth forms handle bending and torsional loads while achieving optimal noise behavior through a high contact ratio factor. The sophisticated design ensures proper guidance of the rack within the gear unit. Optimized load sharing permits rack speeds up to 2000 mm/s. These high efficiency rack and pinion drives allow to reduce your cycle times and create higher output volumes.

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